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Fascism is Not Welcome in Tacoma!

PSJBGC would like to thank our friends in Tacoma Against Nazis, Destiny City Antifa, Tacoma Clinic Defense, the diverse array of other activist groups, and the community as a whole who came out in force to let fascists know they aren’t welcome in Tacoma.

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PSJBGC Talks Anti-Fascism and Soccer on the Nerd Farmer Podcast

Give this a listen before the next Seattle Sounders game! One of our members was invited onto the Nerd Farmer podcast to talk about antifascism and the arbitrary choices behind punishing “political” speech, through the lens of a recent MLS controversy.

Willem Van Spronsen Presente!

Today members of Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, joined with friends from Tacoma Against Nazis, Destiny City Antifa, and the ongoing resistance against the Northwest Detention Center, as well as others, remembered our friend Will.

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