Not one day after our latest post about the 3% of Washington placing themselves with neo-nazis and violent extremists, one of their self-described members reposted an anti-semitic post that their Facebook page had once displayed and taken down.

Here is the original post we noted yesterday, taken down by the 3% of Washington after being called out a couple of months ago.

Threepers repost a "commie rolodex" that uses anti-semitic slurs.

Note: 3% of WA did not take down the post without resistance. Commenters who pointed out that there were anti-semitic slurs in the post were mocked and ridiculed before being blocked from commenting. It took a while to make progress on this.

Threepers are not taking Facebook criticism well. Threepers are not taking Facebook criticism well.

But, now members are posting it again. It’s a list of various randoms claimed to be “antifa,” with usage of slurs such as “kike” and the “echo” parentheticals (a neo-nazi dog whistle).

The 3% correctly state that we were some of the ones who let them know what ((())) means in a dog whistle context. It’s weird that a diverse group wouldn’t know common anti-semitic slurs, but fine.

Weirder yet to dismiss commenters without looking it up, but their page has a history of deleting critical comments.

The most recent poster/member is former WA congressional candidate Jered Bonneau. You may recognize him from 3% rallies in the Seattle area. He’s even in the background of a picture that was used in our CNN promos:

Jered in the upper left corner.

It’s not as if they shouldn’t know better. Matt Marshall, the leader of the 3% of Washington, retweeted Jered’s post earlier this week, now months after they were called to take down the anti-semitic post with the same list on Facebook.

Matt retweets a list with anti-semitic references gained from 8chan, an anonymous discussion board often full of nazis.

The list in Matt’s retweet is sourced from 8chan, the anonymous discussion boards known for being the go-to place for white supremacist shooters to post their manifestos, such as with the Christchurch mosque shooting.

8chan is known recently for having lost their original site after being removed as clients from several web service companies due to their connections with the right-wing extremist shootings and being a hotbed of neo-nazi activity online.

They initially migrated to Bitmitigate for protection against DDoS attacks, a company headed by Rob Monster of Sammamish, Washington, who posted the Christchurch shooting videos on his own social media profile.

Rob Monster’s companies also provided services to The Daily Stormer (a neo-nazi and holocaust denial site that owes millions of dollars in awards to their harassment victims due to court orders related to anti-semitic trolling).

The choice to serve 8chan caused several services to drop Rob Monster’s products, causing some other white-supremacist-adjacent sites to go dark.

This shutdown of several nazi web services occurred after public debate shifted in the wake of the El Paso shooter’s decision to use 8chan as his platform of choice for his anti-Hispanic, extremist right-wing manifesto.

8chan has found a new home by using peer-to-peer service zeronet, which makes it much easier for users to intentionally or unintentionally host nazi content, or even child porn posted by users.

Some of the 8chan nazi posts, evidently, will try to live on in the form of 3% of Washington tweets. Not knowing (or pretending not to know) common slurs, and reposting content from hateful sources, is a problem. It’s time to examine and vet the sewers these things come from before reposting these things.

The 3% also defends Brien James, one of the co-founders of American Guard, a group spun out of Sons of Odin, a heavily anti-muslim and anti-immigrant European organization. Sons of Odin in the US is known for having membership filled with open white supremacists and KKK members.

This is the American Guard that the 3% of Washington met up with and defended in Portland this past weekend, August 17th.

The 3% says Brien James will be the first to say his violent skinhead days are behind him. Sure! Like he has said before!

Don’t be so quick.

James has been spotted wearing his Vinlanders Social Club gear as recently as 2017. The Vinlanders Social Club is a group of neo-nazis he founded as a coalition of white-supremacists associated with, or former members of, the Hammerskins nation.

If that sounds familiar to the Seattle-area locals among us, it’s because the Tac Town Tattoo group of nazis in Tacoma, WA, are also Hammerskins-affiliated. If you’ve been involved in work with Tacoma Against Nazis, you’re fighting against the same nazi family tree.

In 2007, Brien James once claimed that he was taking the Vinlanders Social Club away from the “racist movement…”

…then, in 2011, they held their first-ever white power concert, hosting people like the head of the Confederate Hammerskins, Richie Myers.

Again, when they say they aren’t racist, don’t be fooled.

Months after attending the Vinlanders reunion in 2017, James paid tribute to Robert Mathews, the white supremacist terrorist of “The Order” who was shot on Whidbey Island by federal agents.

The death of Robert Mathews is a neo-nazi holiday. Every year, Hammerskins travel to Whidbey Island in Washington state to pay tribute. If you recall the assault on a black DJ in Lynnwood that was ruled a hate crime, that was done by Hammerskins-associated nazis who were traveling to Whidbey for this holiday.

The 3% of WA used to talk about patrolling the area during this holiday, to keep nazis out of the area! But, now, by defending Brien James of the American Guard, they’ve moved one degree of separation closer to the same sorts of nazis that anti-fascist groups like Tacoma Against Nazis and Destiny City Antifa organize against.

Nowadays, you might see Brien James walking around with a tank top, which he still does even though it shows off a prominent 88 tattoo (“88” is often a nazi dog-whistle as “H” is the eighth letter, and HH stands for “Heil Hitler”) with confederate flag colors.

Hey, Threepers, let’s go back to the days where we talked about patrolling our community from the sort of people who would celebrate a neo-nazi holiday on Whidbey Island, instead of protecting them.