Note: We handed out this as a flyer at the January 5th Three Percenter rally in Seattle, which despite named “United Against Hate,” did not represent many in our community, and many speakers defended WA Rep. Matt Shea.

Any organization that enthusiastically endorses Washington Representative Matt Shea cannot also say they stand against hate or believe in liberty for all people. As Matt Marshall, leader of the 3% of Washington, defends Shea and calls him a patriot, he’s also providing cover for one of the state’s most powerful Islamophobes and theocratic fascists.

Matt Shea organized the Spokane chapter of an anti-Muslim organization that has been designated as a hate group, and his manifesto calling for a holy war (and the death of those that disobey biblical law) has been connected to an anti-Semitic and racist movement called “Christian Identity,” which calls for the creation of a Christian white ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s no surprise that Joey Gibson, who runs Patriot Prayer rallies sometimes attracting nazis from Identity Evropa and the Daily Stormers (related thread on Twitter), was invited to speak. Gibson, himself a defender of Shea, has been charged with a riot felony where members of his group sought out and coordinated attacks on customers of a Portland bar for having different political views.

Shea himself is not far from political violence. Known for his hobby of training young men for an armed holy war, Shea has also been caught in text rooms where others discuss taking USMC knives to their enemies, and Shea discusses intimidation through surveillance and background checks on activists.

Want to defend your community from people who want to see violence against you based on political beliefs?

We stand with the communities targeted by Matt Shea and Joey Gibson. It is the inherent right of each individual and community to defend themselves against those who would harm, persecute, or terrorize them and we believe in using any and all means at our disposal to defend ourselves against the hate that is envisioned by those like Shea and Gibson.

With this understanding, we choose to engage in community defense by empowering one another to participate in the aid of our communities with the skills and equipment to do so.

The Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club (PSJBGC) is an independent community defense organization. We believe in active resistance to the corrosive and destructive social effects of white supremacy, sexism, bigotry, and economic exploitation.

We stand in solidarity with those who share our mission for a just future. We support our community locally by providing event security, basic firearms training, and have a scholarship fund dedicated to assisting people from marginalized communities obtain their Concealed Pistol License (CPL). Please contact us if you would like to work together.