Last Sunday, the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club attended a Native-led demonstration honoring Renee Davis: a mother, member of the Muckleshoot tribe, cultural advocate, and victim of police violence at the hands of the King County Sherriff’s Office four years ago.

The procession marched through Capitol Hill to Downtown Seattle under song and drums, rallying at Westlake Center to listen to and uplift the voices of people closest to Renee and her unborn child Massi. The event was blessed by Muckleshoot tribal members/Canoe families and Lakota relatives.

It has been our privilege to support the community and fellow activists as part of such a powerful and moving action. We’re honored to have also received a Native-designed blanket as one of the allies standing up for Indigenous rights.

#MMIW #JusticeForReneeAndMassi #NoJusticeNoPeace

PSJBGC stands in support with Native communities