Careful consideration is due when determining the political motivations behind violent acts, but among organizations that specialize in these studies, the trend is clear.

According to the U.S. Governmental Accountability Office’s “Countering Violent Extremism” report to Congress in April 2017, between 9/12/2001 and 12/31/2016, there were 106 fatalities from 62 separate incidents perpetrated by far right-wing extremists, while there were 0 fatalities due to far left-wing extremists.

Data gathered by the ADL’s Center on Extremism shows 74% of murders by domestic extremists between 2007-2016 were done by the far right, while only 2% of these murders were done by the far left. New America tracked the number of deadly terrorist attacks since 2002: they recorded 37 far right-wing attacks, 13 Jihadist, and 2 Black Separatist/Nationalist/Supremacist. The SPLC found over 100 victims of right-wing influenced violence.

These statistics don’t even provide the full picture of how the right-wing creates a hostile community, such as the increased rate of hate crimes, or the increased rate of white supremacist propaganda, or harder to quantify measurements like holding rallies that claim to simply be about free speech, while completely ignoring the fascist symbology and/or references to ethnic cleanses in their midst.

Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club stands against all forms of verbal and physical aggression, especially against marginalized communities. We are here to counter these attempts to twist the principles of community defense into right-wing, anti-left propaganda.

We Call on the Patriot/Militia Movement to Reject Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys

It’s time for the patriot/militia movement to unconditionally refute western chauvinist, anti-Muslim, racist, and anti-left individuals and groups. Specifically, it’s time for Washington 3% to sever all ties with these groups.

We applaud Washington 3%’s rejection of overt white supremacist groups and adapting their recruitment questionnaire to identify and exclude open racists. However, groups like Patriot Prayer and their hanger-on street thugs, the Proud Boys, are clear entry points into the overtly fascist and racist organizations in our region. Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys membership overlap with known white supremacists and have engaged in the street fights attacking anti-racist community organizers and protestors.

Opponents of past gun control initiatives focused on making reasonable arguments in favor of our 2A rights. They didn’t hand victory to the people trying to limit our gun rights and freedoms by calling their rally “Liberty or Death.” They didn’t ally themselves with people wearing shirts celebrating Pinochet and his right-wing death squads or invent a fake issue of so-called left-wing violence.

If militia members stand for freedom for all, and many sincerely do, we call on them to cut all ties to extremist organizations and individuals.