At its root, migration is caused by an unequal distribution of resources (and thus economic/political power). Very few people want to travel vast distances to find stability and/or a higher quality of life, and it is no coincidence that most migrants come from nations that were systematically and mercilessly exploited from the 17th century until today.

It is also no coincidence that they seek to move to the nations that sit atop the wealth stolen from their communities. United States’ immigration policies lie upon a foundation of white supremacy.

The only path to justice is open borders and unrestricted immigration.

Abolish Borders, Abolish ICE

Borders inherently divide individuals that otherwise have no quarrel with one another. The state violently enforces these arbitrary lines in the sand, creating a hierarchy between those inside and those outside.

Consider a mountain on one side of the border that yields vast rainfall… which flows into a river that supports entire communities across the border. This natural resource should be shared in peace, yet nations and borders have created conflicts over this all across the globe. 40% of the global population depends on water that crosses borders. Water doesn’t respect these boundaries, and neither should we.

We do not need ICE. We existed without them before 2003, and many areas exist without an equivalent organization, and we can do it again.

Immigration enforcement costs more than all other federal law enforcement combined. Immigrants commit less violent crimes and less property crimes than US-born individuals. ICE relies heavily on racial profiling. ICE takes young children from their parents and ICE locks them in cages. Abolish ICE!

The PSJBGC stands with immigrants in our community.