We, the members of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, wish to address recent events within the Redneck Revolt network that have affected our chapter and others around the country. The network recently received significant critique on the handling of accusations against a member of the branch in Phoenix. We aim to speak out as an autonomous chapter in support of survivors, share our commitment to collective accountability, and affirm our values that all people are redeemable.

As a militant formation in our early formative period, we are committed to forging connections which support and value our local allies while we build and grow as a regional organization. To that end, our operating principles are as follows:

  • We believe in confronting white supremacy at its source and are prepared to defend the commons against it;
  • We believe in community safety and solidarity and assist and facilitate training and education in the areas in which we have knowledge to share;
  • We believe that community defense is much broader than arms and we hope to build real infrastructure projects within our neighborhoods and communities;
  • We believe in holding ourselves collectively and individually to the highest public standard of behavior and accountability as an organization and we commit to earning trust and respect through our actions and decisions

As soon as the accusations became known, PSJBGC began a dialogue within our branch and at the national level about how to respond. Although it took several weeks, we believe the network was able to achieve an effective and democratic resolution. The link is provided in the comments.

We support the formation of the Redneck Revolt network’s accountability committee and anticipate their first public statement in short order.

Puget Sound JBGC’s current practices of community accountability consist of the following:

  • Our chapter stands in solidarity with survivors of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, as well as survivors whose abuse often falls outside of those descriptors;
  • We believe in a survivor-centered approach to transformative and restorative justice, centering survivors’ self-determination and holding abusers accountable through transparent, healing, and structured processes;
  • Our network is still in its infancy and this chapter is not yet 6 months old. We continue to develop the infrastructure to adequately respond quickly to concerns from our broader community and difficult issues that develop within our organization;
  • Our chapter is developing an accountability model which relies heavily on transparency and incorporates members of the larger community. Our Accountability Working Group is researching and developing a firm, positive, and transparent process, drawing on trusted resources from groups such as Incite!, CARA, and more.

Puget Sound JBGC welcomes criticism, assistance, and suggestions from the people we hope to work with to keep our neighborhoods, towns and cities safe. It will take all of us to struggle through the sociopolitical landscape we find ourselves in. We understand that collective accountability to the communities we belong to and stand with is paramount not only to our integrity as an organization, but also to our mission of ending white supremacy.

-Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club