Update: Since we left and published this post, a lot of our friends also left the Redneck Revolt network while preparing a statement from a survivor detailing sexual assault from a former member of an Arizona chapter of Redneck Revolt. We stand with that survivor, previous survivors, and those chapters that left the network.

Our chapter had been forefront in writing the proposal to ban that member from the network in 2017 while pushing for an accountability process and we are disappointed that the process was minimized and not followed in either letter or spirit, and the member was allowed to be connected to Redneck Revolt without the rest of the network’s knowledge.

You can read multiple statements from former chapters online, and we’ve written a larger update here.

PSJBGC is excited to head into a new phase as an independent regional organization in Washington State. We wish our longtime friends in the Redneck Revolt network the best in continuing their mission and look forward to the many great things that network will continue to do. PSJBGC is not leaving Redneck Revolt as a recrimination against them or any other such negative opinion, rather, we believe that PSJBGC is a structurally and culturally different project. We plan to continue with our struggle here in the Pacific Northwest and with our allies in West Coast Community Defense (WCCD) in Oregon and California.

We will continue our mission as a community defense organization as a small part of the movement to build a new gun culture outside of the toxicity that permeates much of the US firearms community, to assist training and arming people from communities marginalized and oppressed in our society, and offering ourselves in defensive work as invited. We hope to expand our work in offering aid and comfort to the unhoused and increase the frequency of our educational opportunities in the near future.

We’ve built a reputation on our own merits since our founding on John Brown’s Birthday in 2017 and hope to continue building upon that as our own organization. To all the friends we’ve met along the way we hope to maintain positive relationships and a culture of solidarity in struggle.

PSJBGC Principles:

Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club is founded on the principles of individual and collective liberty, the rights of all people to a secure and meaningful life, and the active defense against all threats and forms of oppression standing counter to those principles.

We believe in active resistance to the corrosive and destructive social effects of white supremacy, sexism, bigotry, and economic exploitation.

We stand in defense of the well-being of the community over the enrichment of the individual, and we stand in solidarity with those who share our mission for a just future.

Never before, in our living memories, has the threat against life and liberty been greater than today. Environmental, economic, social, and political collapse makes immediate action in defense of our communities and against the rise of fascist measures the only honorable and effective response. We are an organization of imperfect people struggling together towards a better world. We seek to build a safe haven from the devastating impacts of our nation’s oppression, economics, and perpetual wars. Civilian or veteran, we value the skills, drive, and talents our members bring to our collective mission.

Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club is a public facing, above ground, armed community defense group:

  • We disrupt fascist and far right organizing and activity;
  • We don’t rely on the state to do our work for us;
  • We oppose all forms of oppression, domination, and exploitation;
  • We hold ourselves accountable personally and collectively to live up to our ideals and values;
  • We not only support each other, but we also support people outside our organization who we believe have similar aims or principles.

In solidarity,

Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club