Today we went out with friends in Tacoma Against Nazis and returned the garbage flyers that fascists left in our communities.

We dropped off their trash on doorsteps of noted Patriot Front members, and those of their neo-nazi friends at Tac Town Tattoo.

Now, stay out!

Tacoma Against Nazis also authored a writeup in It’s Going Down for the action:

“Sunday morning, residents of the diverse Eastside of Tacoma woke up to something more than debris from the previous night’s wind storm in their front yards on Sunday, January 6th. Sometime during the night members of Patriot Front, an ultra-nationalist and fascist spinoff of Vanguard America post-Charlottesville, had placed weighted sandwich baggies containing a small propaganda flyer on at least 100 front yards and driveways. Early morning joggers in the area were quick to act and began collecting the fascist trash. They were soon joined by various neighbors, including members of Tacoma Against Nazis, and were able to quickly collect the flyers before too many residents of the area even realized the fascist harassment had occurred. With the immediate threat removed, Tacoma Against Nazis and the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club began planning for a swift joint response.”

“While TAN and PSJBGC each fight fascists in their own way, they often work together because they share a common enemy and the belief that a diversity of tactics is the key to building an anti-fascist community.”

Read that article here: