One of the more common inquiries we receive is about having a John Brown Gun Club on the east side of Washington state. We’re glad to share that the Spokane John Brown Gun Club has been started by some friends east of the Cascades!

For those among you who have been following us for a while, you already know some of the threats and bad actors that the eastern part of the state face. On our own social media, we’ve posted plenty about Matt Shea, the domestic terrorist and Christian Identity fascist who is a representative of the 4th Legislative District centered near Spokane.

We see Matt Shea in Olympia on occasion, and, unfortunately, some of our side’s scum makes it over to that side of the mountains, too, like when Daniel “Milkshake” Lyons Scott, Zac Staggs, and other nazi-friendly Proud Boys from Seattle and Snohomish vandalized a cross-filled memorial for people who died locally from the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the inland Northwest has been a focus of white supremacists since the 1970s, as part of the Northwest Territorial Imperative, a neo-nazi movement aiming to turn Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana into an aryan ethnostate. As Spokane JBGC rightfully points out, you can’t do that without the mass murder of several minority groups.

But you don’t have to hear it from us. Spokane JBGC already has this all on their twitter, plus, they’re dropping lots of other facts, like how Spokane has the fifth deadliest police department (per capita) in America or how the police chief has refused to denounce violent white supremacy. Or how the area has seen an increase in hate crimes.

Spokane has a need for more-inclusive armed community defense, and Spokane JBGC wants to help fill that vacuum, and their members have already been building in the community. Like us, they’re an independent group, but we’re excited to lob knowledge and resources back and forth over the mountains. (So please, stop emailing us first about Spokane and contact them on Twitter and email! 😁)