Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club would like to thank the organizers of the Say No to Misogyny, White Supremacy, and Antisemitism rally yesterday. We are always glad to help out in our community and are happy we can be of service in lifting up voices of progress.

This was a counterprotest of Washington 3%’s Liberty or Death 2. We would like to note our appreciation that Washington 3% invited some of us past the police lines and their own security to have a conversation and give PSJBGC the opportunity to ask them to renounce Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys in person. Not a lot of organizations would do that.

There were constant attempts on behalf of Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer (among other far right types) to push through the counterprotest. We’re glad they were kept out without conflict. We don’t need their violence in our communities and certainly not in our midst. Patriot Prayer trailing the last of the counterprotest organizers to harrass them is noted and we are very glad we like to be ‘first in and last out’ for that very reason.

Thanks so much for allowing our organization to be a part of this and offer what small help we can.