Friends, fellow co-conspirators, and internet stalkers,

We have some great news to share! After almost a year of our partnership with Tacoma Against Nazis (TAN) and our episode on W. Kamau Bell’s United Shades highlighting our actions, the NAZI-run business Tac Town Tattoo on S. 72nd St. has officially shut down! Let’s pause for a minute and celebrate this important win.

The NAZIs aren’t gone, but the community has them running and hiding. We’ve confirmed that the NAZis are opening a new shop near S. 84th and Pacific and rebranding entirely. We’re working with TAN to get more information and planning some boots-on-the-ground work to make it clear to fascists and bigots that the Puget Sound will never tolerate their presence or cede a single inch to them.

Be on the lookout for more information and connect with our partners in TAN to get more plugged in.

No Pasarán!

Mir Velen Zei Iberleben!

What We Need Is Action — Action!

-Johnny B

Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club and Tacoma Against Nazis rallying against Tac Town Tattoo