Thanks to everyone involved in the Seattle Anarchist Book Fair… the organizers, the groups at each table, the speakers, the Vera Project for hosting the venue, and everybody who came by to talk!

We brought hundreds of pieces of literature for community defense and firearms education, a magnitude more stickers, and gave away non-lethal defense options and donated books that belonged to Will Van Spronsen. Everyone annihilated our literature inventory, so we had to do a surprise round of printing in bigger numbers for Sunday, which also went quickly. It was also great to meet so many new people!

It was really inspiring and motivating to see not just one, but three different armed groups represented at the book fair: ourselves, the Seattle chapter of the Socialist Rifle Association, and the Sylvia Rivera Gun Club. Both of their tables had great success, and it was deserved!

The future is bright for anti-fascist and queer community defense!

We also ran a Firearms 101 session, with a packed room, lots of laughter, and great discussion. (If you want to attend a future Firearms 101, send us a message!)

For those that attended our Firearms 101 this weekend, here are some internet resources/sparknotes to keep bookmarked for the future (not our sites):

Thanks again!

Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club stickers, zines, and other swag.