A huge thank you to every community, and community member, who showed up to oppose Matt Shea’s brand of hate at the WA 3% rally at Seattle City Hall!

Some of our darkest predictions came true. Both Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson and WA 3% spoke positively of Matt Shea, an alleged domestic terrorist and advocate of theocracy, and several people were targeted for state violence by the Seattle Police Department as they aggressively enforced against only one side of the event, even though the WA 3% was hosting a speaker indicted on felony riot charges. Some of Joey’s Patriot Prayer buddies even attempted to walk through our crowd, but the SPD was more concerned with signs and knocking over peaceful protesters. But still, the day was mostly a rainy success.

Special thanks to Community & Labor Against Fascism, Sparkle Brigade, and all the shades of black helping to protect Seattle from rising political violence, at a time when many decide to look the other way.

We handed out some flyers condemning the relationship between the WA 3% and Matt Shea, and also threw in some copies of literature about Joey Gibson’s connections to rapists and nazis. People on our side of the rally also got some club stickers and buttons.

The event ended much earlier than we expected, thanks to a few of the WA 3% speakers cancelling their speeches. One of ours inside the event said the whole thing felt rushed, so the event ended early… sounds like everybody wanted out to watch a playoff football game!

Any time the people of our region challenge the creep of fascism, like that seen in Matt Shea’s theocratic beliefs, is a victory for vulnerable residents of WA—and we will celebrate it as such.

PSJBGC black and white picture of purple team

Armor with John Brown and Defend Equality patches

PSJBGC black and white picture of yellow team

PSJBGC literature we handed out You can read this flyer on our blog.