We were glad to be here during West Seattle’s Alki Beach Pride, helping make sure things ran smoothly and safely while celebrating the local LGBTQ community. The event was vibrant, the guests and music were great, and everyone had lots of fun!

Alki Beach Pride Logo

Shout out to our friends in Community and Labor Against Fascism, Emerald City Antifa, and the Gender Justice League, who all had a strong showing!

There were rumors that local neo-fascists were going to hold a party at Alki with the possible intention of trying to disrupt Pride, but they were too busy holding a failed rally in Capitol Hill with single-digit attendance. They couldn’t even manage half that single-digit crowd to stop by in West Seattle later in the evening, where they stood a safe distance outside the booths to take a picture of an area that was already shut down for the evening. We aren’t sure why they came by for a post-event photo op, but their presence was an unremarkable afterthought to an otherwise great day.

Once again, our community protects itself! Glad to be part of another safe and joyful pride event!