Yesterday, some white supremacist fascists came into our open firearms training looking for trouble. Not only were we able to complete the training despite this disruption, they ran off pretty quickly, playing victim, and cried to a security guard that anti-fascists with guns are organizing against them as they were ejected from the space for harassment.

The small group of fascist lackeys, led by Spencer Sturdevant of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa (rebranded as American Identity Movement), stayed outside the venue and attempted to follow and harass members and take pictures of license plates. We were able to escort attendees out of the building safely after some of our members stood up to them as we ejected them from the parking lot.

(They also tried to interrupt class and play smarter-than-thou about gun laws, but ended up reciting wrong information about carrying while driving. Oh, well! It’s not like we had high expectations for these guys, anyways. 😂)

Thanks for validating our existence and the absolute importance of our mission!

The white supremacists of Identity Evropa got involved in another altercation later in the day while walking in a public park wearing body armor and reportedly carrying guns. They’ve tried to spin that altercation as involving our organization which is untrue. As for their story about the other person being the aggressor, we have no idea, we see fascists as liars by default. Falsely playing the victim is literally central to the fascist ideology (see: Nazi Germany).

Fascists resort to these cowardly tactics because they’re afraid of community defense and what happens when people stand up against their violence. Since yesterday’s event, several people have contacted us to voice support, realizing the threat is real and local, and to say they’re interested in our future trainings. We have a commitment to combating white supremacy and will be hosting more trainings to accommodate the increased responses we’ve gotten since yesterday while adapting our protocols to reduce the risk of disruption.

Our community has only gotten stronger.

(Identity Evropa goons pictured below)

Spencer Sturdevant and other Identity Evropa goons