In the past week there have been numerous acts of violence across the US. Make no mistake, this is a war against freedom and historically marginalized people everywhere.

Hateful vitriol and conspiracy theories are echoed and amplified at the highest levels of our government creating a breeding ground for violence which has manifested itself this week in the form of bomb threats, targeted killings, and an attack on a house of worship.

This new fascism is the same as the old fascism our parents and grandparents fought and died to eradicate years ago. The only thing standing in its way is you and us.

The question now is what will you do. Will you stand aside and let this hate continue to take root and grow? Or will you join with others in your community to challenge this cancer?

There are many ways to fight back and community defense takes many forms. It can be learning how to use a firearm, joining non-violent protests against the NAZI owned business down the street, standing up to Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer when they’re harassing women trying to get access to reproductive healthcare, intervening when you see a trans person getting harassed in public, calling out your coworker using a racist slur…

We have opportunities every day and in many ways to take a stand with the people around us.

There are so many ways to defend our communities. It’s time for each and everyone one of us to choose action.