What a month!

All Pride, we’ve seen the community bond even stronger against hate. We’ve seen community members outnumber bigots by great ratios all over the Pacific Northwest, from the greater Seattle area and beyond.

In our libraries, the community stood up to protect Drag Queen Story Hour, a reading program that gives kids positive queer role models. When far-right activists attempted to harass children, we saw a flood of supporters and a literal pride flag blockade to protect those attending one of the events.

We saw rapid mobilization among community defense groups to celebrate Trans Pride in Capitol Hill, each operating autonomously to keep a watchful eye during what was the biggest, most joyous Trans Pride yet.

Queer members and their accomplices in PSJBGC want thank everyone involved in helping make the community safer this past month, including the events that invited us in and the community members that we stood side by side with.

With stronger resolve, our community protects itself!


Defend Equality