Yesterday, the 3% of Washington posted this debunked claim from 2016, claiming that Emerald City Antifa had posted flyers that condemned white people.

Threepers repost a 2016 conspiracy about antifascist posters.

The Three Percenter page deleted several comments pointing out that the posters were fake. In fact, the claim that antifa made these has been dunked on so often, there are multiple Snopes articles. (Here’s one. Here’s another.)

After several comments, it was eventually deleted.

This isn’t the first time that the 3% of Washington has had to pull a post, after a lot of resistance from their side. They also initially refused to pull this post of theirs, which used anti-semitic terms like “kike” and ((())) to refer to Jewish people:

Threepers repost a "commie rolodex" that uses anti-semitic slurs.

Other comments (also deleted) pointed out that the UW College Republicans also posted flyers pretending to be from anti-fascist organizations, at one point even buying multiple domain names and running a Facebook page that went down around the time of the presidential election.

This is around the same time that the campus was experiencing multiple incidents of posters being placed by Identity Evropa (white nationalist nazis) and Atomwaffen Division (armed neo-nazi terrorist cells).

How did the Three Precenters of Washington fall for this old ruse? And why now? Can’t say. They eventually did take the post down, but much later, after many more comments.

Did they know the posters were fake? It’s hard to believe that they didn’t consider the possibility… even beyond the several comments telling them the posters were fake, the 3% has been surrounded by concerns of fakes and infiltrations before…

The Three Percenters also posted a meme with a supposed anti-fascist protester with a sign that read “Kill nazis and the cops who protect them.” This person was at the August “Liberty of Death” rally run by the Three Percent:

Threepers post a meme with a protester that anti-fascists had pegged as an infiltrator. In the photo, the protester looks directly at the camera and holds a sign about killing nazis and cops.

This person is interesting for one big reason… earlier in the rally, before that sign was even seen, an anti-fascist activist who was scouting the area reported that same person as a potential infiltrator, having seen them enter the area with people they believed to be right-wing attendees of the Three Percenter rally.

We take these reports seriously. The right has been known to talk about dressing up in activist outfits to act as infiltrators and provocateurs.

Does that sound familiar?

That may be because this tactic is also associated with Russell Schultz, a Patriot Prayer member who is also a friend to the 3% of WA. Their Facebook admins and Russell’s family have interacted in the past, and the 3% have invited Patriot Prayer leader Gibson to rallies.

Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer openly talks about Russell infiltrating black bloc.

A side note about 3%er rallies: Who was at the second amendment rally in Olympia on April 27, 2019, invited by WA 3% and defended there in a speech? Matt Shea, a WA Rep in the news for writing a memo on the biblical basis for war, surveilling political opponents and advertising an anti-Muslim Christian war camp for boys.

You know you are bad conservative when you’re own conservative right-wing town wants to take you down for being too fascist. When the SPOKANE cops turn on you, that says something.

Also a noteworthy coincidence: That protester with the “kill nazis” sign above? They’re wearing a skull mask commonly associated with armed neo-nazi terrorist groups, “The Base” and “Atomwaffen Division.” It’s also called a “siege” mask, named for a famous neo-nazi book.

It so happens that, at later events, we would only see this mask used on the side of the rally that the Three Percenters and Proud Boys stood on, by people who would later post neo-nazi Atomwaffen Division memes and phrases on twitter.

Here are some pictures from an event where the Atomwaffen fans stood on the same side as the Threepers, and also some things they posted on Twitter afterwards:

Lumberjack power rangers A person protesting at a Seattle-area library adversites a neo-nazi book. Calling PSJBGC "Cohen" Atomwaffen meme. Anti-semitic meme from 4chan.

Back to Schultz. He was later arrested in connection with the riots in Portland on May 1st, in which a violent member of the Patriot Prayer group attacked someone with a baton. There were rumors that Schultz was intending to infiltrate the August 17th counter-protest in black clothes.

Confirmed, though, to have attended the August 17th Proud Boy were the 3% of Washington, who bragged on Facebook about hanging out with Joe Biggs and Enrique Tarrio.

Joe Biggs is the Florida-based Proud Boy who called for violence and murder against anti-fascist protesters and appeared in a video with a custom Trump-themed baseball bat with spikes that he claimed he would bring to the event.

Tarrio is a Proud Boy leader who was on the right-wing side of Unite the Right, the far-right rally that turned violent in Charlottesville.

In Portland, Biggs and Tarrio met up with the “American Guard,” a group described as “hardcore white nationalists.” A founder, Brien James, is a former Klansmen and (neo-nazi gang) Hammerskins member who also claims to lead the Indiana Proud Boys.

The American Guard is also the group responsible for violently attacking protesters with a claw hammer from their bus.

American Guard Hammer

Videos show the American Guard attempting to pull in protesters into their armored bus to attack them with the hammer. The attack was not done in defense.

Let’s recap: the Washington Three Percenters bragged about hanging out with Biggs and Tarrio after the protest, two Proud Boys who, according to Biggs, organized the event with the American Guard. They even posted about it on Facebook:

Threepers brag about hanging out with violent proud boys and fascists.

Here’s what the Washington 3% have to say about American Guard:

Threepers defending American Guard.

Did we forget to mention that the co-founder of the American Guard was also a founder of the Vinland Social Club, a “hardcore racist skinhead gang,” whose members were held responsible for nine murders? Other members of American Guard are former members of the Traditionalist American Knights (KKK-affiliated), Dirty White Boyz (a white supremacist motorcycle gang), and American Front (a racist skinhead crew).

This isn’t news to the Washington 3%. Lots of people tell them these connections. They choose to willingly disbelieve.

Pictured in their post bragging about meeting with Tarrio and Biggs is WA 3% leader Matt Marshall, who is running for school board in Eatonville, WA. Matt recently appeared on InfoWars (hosted by frequent conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones).

Another militia called the Oathkeepers, whose leader appeared on InfoWars with Matt Marshall, withdrew from the event over concerns of white supremacists, afterwards expliticly naming the American Guard. Here is part of their statement:

Oathkeepers statement.

Conclusion: Matt’s friends are too racist to be bootlickers with the Oathkeepers.

Matt Marshall gained some notoriety after the Three Percenters doxxed a local immigration activist after she only posted Matt’s publicly registered PO Box.

But more relevant to the topic of fake anti-fascist controversies and conspiracies, the Three Percenters also posted a wild claim that the immigration activist was going to plant IEDs in Portland on August 17th. It’s such a absurd claim with no sourcing that it’s difficult to figure out what hole it was conjured from.

Obviously, this didn’t happen. It was never going to happen.

Also attending the August 17th Proud Boy rally is Washington Proud Boy Joshua Hanks, who was wearing Three Percenter gear while assaulting a Seattle Sounders fan outside of CenturyLink field for wearing an anti-fascist shirt.

Josh at CenturyLink.

Josh is also seen greeting fellow Proud Boys Tarrio and Biggs, after waiting with American Guard members.

Josh and American Guard.

Members of the anti-fascist community consider Josh Hanks to be unstable and dangerous, with a history including domestic violence, dishonorable discharge, and violence towards his 1-year-old son.

Details in this great article on Puget Sound Anarchists. (CW for disturbing details of assault.)

Just can’t reiterate enough the seriousness of these claims. (Content Warning continued…) Josh Hanks admits to permanently disfiguring his 1-year-old son by burning him with boiling water when he wouldn’t stop crying:

Josh and his son.

Seriously. Just… fuck.

The 3% of Washington disavowed Josh after the incident at the stadium, saying he wasn’t a member. This may likely be true. Anybody can buy Three Percenter gear online.

However, Josh and a man wearing a 3% of Washington hat have been overhead making sexual assault threats using disturbing misogynistic and racist language, while at a rally outside a Seattle area library.

Josh and Threeper make assault threat.

Since starting this post, WA 3% even insinuated that one of us was scouting for buses in Portland. This is laughably untrue (he was accompanying a photographer), but with all the conspiracy theories outlined above, make your own decision. 😂

Here’s a free pic of Fozz at the event to help:

An extremely damning picture of Fozz E Bear in Portland.

“Da fascists went datta way!” We’ve been laughing about this latest conspiracy theory for hours now. Can’t see your conspiracy subject at the actual event? Just allege baselessly that maybe they were “scouting.” 😂😂😂

John Brown antifa spies! Turning the frogs gay! George W. Bush did Game of Thrones season 8!

Two last points:

  1. We’ve been calling for the 3% of WA for years now to pick a side, the side against fascism.

    But, based on these last months, their group has repeatedly stood on the side adjacent to Nazis, klansmen, white nationalists, and bigots.

    A side filled with violence.

    We hope this trend ends. Immediately.

  2. Their group has had multiple intersections with suspected attempts to don anti-fascist clothing or create fake anti-fascist flyers. Be on the lookout for similar attempts in the future to disrupt anti-fascist organizing and protect nazis or far-right violence.

Stay safe, anti-fascists!