The leader of the 3% of Washington, Matt Marshall, was seen joining the American Guard channel on Telegram, after members of the WA 3% marched with that group during a Proud Boy rally on August 17th in Portland.

That event attracted attention for turning violent after those American Guard members attacked protesters with weapons, including, famously, a hammer.

With the help of Andy Ngo, a conservative provocateur and extremely-online Twitter user found to be coordinating information and messaging with Proud Boys during and after their assaults, right-wing media attempted to cause uncertainty and confusion about who had weapons during the incident until a longer video and audio recordings surfaced of the American Guard bragging about using the hammer to attack protesters.

Where did the hammer come from, Andy?

The 3% of Washington later posted a picture of their members in WA 3% gear at a park, attended by leaders of that Proud Boy march.

Threepers brag about hanging out with violent proud boys and fascists.

We’ve previously called out Matt Marshall and other Three Percenters for marching with violent groups such as the Proud Boys and the American Guard, the latter of which is full of members who were in neo-nazi gangs, the KKK, white supremacist motorcycle gangs, and racist skinhead crews.

Even after the American Guard hammer attack and our post about American Guard’s neo-nazi connections, the WA 3% decided to defend Brien James publicly, saying that his violent skinhead days were behind him. (We assumed they didn’t mean behind him as in only the previous weeks.) Regardless, Brien’s recent antics of attending the “Martyr’s Day” neo-nazi holiday on Whidbey Island and openly wearing nazi dog-whistle tattoos are well-documented and we posted another article documenting those connections, including anti-Semitic dog-whistles used recently by the Three Percenters themselves.

Given that Matt Marshall is currently a candidate for school board in Eatonville, WA, the decision to participate in the American Guard public chat room since these posts is… concerning.

At least one other WA 3% member was already a participant of the chat group: Jered Gavin Bonneau, the Washington Three Percent member who tweeted an 8chan list of people that itself used common anti-Semitic tropes.

It’s one of the things we covered in our recent article.

Jered and other members of the chat discuss not posting intel in the public American Guard channel, and claim that anti-fascist protesters might infiltrate use anti-Semitic or fascist rhetoric in an attempt to “false flag” attack the group.

Jered and others recommend good opsec and not posting fashy memes

But, read further, and it’s none other than literally the same members posting that fascist content:

M17AG posting about Fash The Nation

Above is user M17AG, seen above, advertising for a podcast literally called Fash The Nation, featuring Mike Enoch, who also hosts TDS (formerly The Daily Shoah, a play on words using the Hebrew word chosen to describe the Holocaust) and runs the blog that popularized using the anti-Semitic “echo” parentheses to identify Jewish users of social media for targeted harassment.

James Allsup, who M17AG celebrates being added to Fash The Nation, is a member of the neo-nazi group American Identity Movement/Identity Evropa, whose name is invoking the same “Identitarianism” connected to the Christchurch shooter. American Identity Movement was formerly known as Identity Evropa before they were frequently outed as nazis following Unite the Right in Charlottesville. (Identity Evropa originated the white supremacist slogan “You will not replace us” seen at Unite the Right.) James Allsup himself attended this rally.

Brien James, the American Guard co-founder who created the chat room itself, will also post islamophobic content…

Brien James posts islamophobic memes

…as well as decry the left as a “big all-inclusive black/Jewish love fest” (while also using the echo parentheses mentioned above)…

Brien James uses echo parentheses

…while others do too…

Kevin uses echo parentheses

…and use anti-LGBTQ slurs…

Brien James uses the slur "trannies"

…and even maybe joking about using the roman salute as an alternative to the “ok” hand signal that is now viewed in the mainstream as an appropriated white supremacist dog whistle.

Kris offers a separate symbol from the ok hand symbol

Brien James talks roman salutes

Brien also can be seen posting a conspiracy-minded anti-Semitic meme from a channel titled Jews own USA.

Brien posts about Syria

Matt Marshall himself has been seen posting in the group, such as when he laughed with some of the islamophobic content.

Matt Marshall laughs at islamophobic post in which another user conflates ISIS with other religious traditions to attack CAIR.

Or when he tells the group that he is friends with Andy Ngo, the conservative provocateur/videographer noted previously as caught organizing messaging and information with Proud Boys during their attack on Cider Riot.

Matt and Andy sitting in a tree....

Brien James has also suggested to others in that room to follow another channel called Boogaloo: How to Survive.

Brien James recommends Boogaloo channel to followers.

Immediately noticeable upon browsing to that channel is that the channel’s profile picture has an overlay of the “Black Sun” or “Sonnerad,”) an occult symbol popularized and employed among neo-nazis in post-Nazi Germany.

Boogaloo Sonnerad profile picture

This symbol was used on the cover of the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto and is featured alongside the Wolfsangel symbol in some flags for the far-right Ukranian regiment “Azov Batalion,” which is blocked by the US Congress from receiving military aid over their white supremacist ideology.

Here’s a rendition of that symbol as used in Wewelsburg, a castle acquired by a leading Nazi Heinrich Himmler:

Black Sun symbol as used in Himmler's castle.

The Boogaloo channel also makes frequent references to the “1488” nazi dog-whistle. “14” stands for a 14-word slogan commonly used by white supremacists, while “88” is code for “Heil Hitler.”

Boogaloo 1488 references 1

Boogaloo 1488 references 2

That channel also posts forwarded messages from other channels with names such as Holocaust II and 148.8 MHz (another coded reference to 1488 disguised as a frequency).

Boogaloo channel forwards

At one point, the Boogaloo channel even tells its followers to disassociate with all Jews in their life. In other posts, they forward memes with anti-black slurs.

Boogaloo advice on Jews

Boogaloo memes with the n-word

This next example was posted in discussion of a marathon record being broken. The Boogaloo channel goes on to use extremely racist terms to refer to the athlete.

Boogaloo memes with the n-word

That channel also posts some content that blurs the line between misogyny, anti-Semitism, and homophobia, suggesting that “globalists” (often used as a coded anti-Semitic whistle, here also in proximity with the echo parentheses) are using contraceptive pills to regulate women’s moods and keep women from having or wanting children.

Boogaloo birth control posts

One extremely disturbing suggestion from the Boogaloo channel is to follow their “friends” at another channel called Rape Krieg Division. Rape Krieg Division was one of several channels making edgy commentary in support of a “rape war” and telling followers to “spread the white race” by becoming a “white Genghis Khan” through sexual assault. Note the reappearance of the Nazi black sun symbol in the profile picture.

Rape Krieg channel suggestion by Boogaloo telegram channel.

All this, public and common in a channel suggested to American Guard followers, including Matt Marshall, by co-founder Brien James, in a channel itself plagued by anti-semitism, anti-LGBT sentiment, and islamophobia.

Both Matt Marshall and another Three Percenter, Chris Wisnoski, are running for office in this year’s elections in Washington.

Wisnoski is running to retain his seat on the Black Diamond city council.

Marshall, however, is running for the Eatonville School Board. These are positions of power that can greatly affect the community, and students from all backgrounds and religions. Being this close to Brien James, and the nazi channels he follows, should be an easy disqualifier.