We stand in solidarity with those who protested Richard Spencer and the neo-Nazis, white supremacists and Klansmen who were given a platform by the University of Florida today.

The ideologies of Spencer and the far right are genocide, ethnic cleansing and fascism.

These are not ideas to be given consideration, they are ideas to be resisted and pushed back upon.

Unlike “moderate” voices, which hope that measured debates and reasoned arguments will somehow keep our communities safe, we take a different stance, one that is firmly based on upholding the idea of “Never Again” through tangible action.

Choosing to ignore Nazis and treating them as an anomaly is to disregard the deeply embedded white supremacy in the U.S. which gave rise to them.

It is deciding to stay neutral on a moving train.

Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club stands with those who are choosing to put their bodies on the line to resist Spencer’s crusade to push people of color, queer and trans communities, Jews, immigrants, Muslims and many more, into oblivion.

The arguments of Nazis and white supremacists, no matter how they try and rebrand, are the same, and have been utterly destroyed time and time again. Retreading arguments with these groups only serves to elevate their platforms and give them a semblance of legitimacy.

We owe it to each other to keep our communities safe from Spencer and his ilk through community-based resistance.

In solidarity,

Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club