Today members of Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club, joined with friends from Tacoma Against Nazis, Destiny City Antifa, and the ongoing resistance against the Northwest Detention Center, as well as others, remembered our friend Will.

We took the street and marched silently and solemnly to the parking facility adjacent to the NWDC where Will gave his life trying to damage the means of rounding up our neighbors. We hung the banner of his words that led our march, left flowers and a photo and, most importantly, told stories about Will.

We began by delivering a small eulogy, then reading the obituary Will’s family distributed, sharing some of his own powerful words, and then one by one telling touching, powerful, and sometimes funny stories about this most amazing person.

Everyone had somehow been touched by Will’s kindness and generosity of heart.

At the end we marched back down the street to the music and lyrics of Bella Ciao and then sang John Brown’s Body together.

It was a fitting place to remember our dear friend. This place of cruelty and injustice that he found so abhorrent. Goodbye from the world but welcome to our hearts forever Will.

This one time we were lucky enough to get the hero we wanted and not the one we deserve.

Please remember Will’s most polite call to action:

“you don’t have to burn the motherfucker down, but are you going to just stand by?”

We love you our beautiful friend and we are not in the least afraid of ruins either.

~Puget Sound JBGC

Will Memorial

Will Memorial

Will Memorial